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 The policy direction of the Scorpiosis Centre is shaped by the Board of Trustees comprising individuals who have over the years demonstrated the essence of true leadership values in their various callings. Their common passion is in making efforts toward the application of such values to the benefit of the larger society.


 The Centre embarks on result-oriented marketing and communication activities to create awareness and sensitize the target groups on how we plan to impact on their lives. Also the need to generate finance for a structured activity execution requires competency in legitimate fund mobilization and disbursement in a most effective and transparent manner. Simply put, competency in prudent financial management is imperative.

Another area of functional importance to the operation of the Centre is in logistics.  We need to play the intermediation role of obtaining funding from donors and using such to the benefit of the society through effectively designed programs for the target participants. The logistics cover issues including program design, participant enrolment into the programs, ensuring safe and secured participation, and undertaking follow-up with stakeholders toward ensuring a customer-focused service delivery.

Accordingly, the Centre is structured in line with the above functions with the key Executives comprising:

  • CEO
  • COO-Operations
  • Head of Marketing
  • Finance and Admin Manager
  • Compliance (Audit/ QA) Manager

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