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Project METAL Program on Competition for Awards among Teachers

Program 3 of Project METAL provides a platform for competition among teachers and the granting of performance Awards to the top performers. This effort is meant to redirect attention toward encouraging teachers and promoting the teaching profession. The prevailing trend has been for organizations, as part of their brand-building efforts, to support competition in the areas of entertainment with attractive cash and material prizes on offer. Only a few of such opportunities exist in the education sector and for the teaching professionals.

The competition initiative for Project METAL is linked to the cumulative performance of the participants for each level of the 2-year Teacher Leadership course. Also embedded in the monthly training session is the provision for each cohort member to rate the performance of their peers in class facilitation and presentation. Recognition awards and prizes will be given to the participants who achieve topmost performance, preferably attaining the cumulative grade of Excellence at their respective district, state, and national levels.  Opportunities exist for the sponsorship of the Award events and the prizes for the winners.

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