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Leadership is not limited to the highly visible political or corporate leadership. Realizing that society is defined by the aggregation of the efforts of its entire people, we can only expect those in macro level leadership to succeed only to the extent that all other layers of leadership within the society do their part. Indeed, leadership is best when viewed as collaborative mechanism towards effecting change in the society. It is therefore not enough to blame those in visible positions for their foibles, but for each of us to do self-introspection on how well we perform in our respective spheres of responsibilities. 

The Scorpiosis Centre philosophy is founded on the following premises:

  • That the society needs a different thinking on the issue of leadership
  • That being in a visible position does not make you a leader. It is the quality of your performance in that position that does.
  • Leaders are made, not born. With unending changes in the society, ongoing training can serve as an enduring platform to inculcate effective leadership skills.
  • That foundation for leadership is better laid at younger age, and
  • That leadership development initiatives thrive when stakeholders collaborate under a common vision.


  • All our team members at the Centre have a common commitment to the concept of leadership
  • The Centre has a clear conceptual framework and knowledge on leadership issues, and represents what the values of leadership entail.
  • We define leadership to encompass but not limited to :
    • Having focus on ethical and socially responsible behaviors
    • Leadership is a relational process, not about individualism
    • Emphasizing the potential of all people to lead
  • Provide comprehensive mentoring educational platform for young ones to tap true life experiences from the elders.
  • Guide our programs participants to build specific skills
  • The Centre program initiatives are subject to international best practice evaluation for impact

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