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Our Identity

Our commitment to the growth of the society today and in the future is reflected in our corporate representations. Let us share with you the thought behind the brand, Scorpiosis Centre for Leadership Values.

Our Name – Scorpiosis

Our name is an extension from the Zodiac sign, Scorpio. Specifically, two attributes of Scorpio sign are relevant to the philosophy of the Scorpiosis Centre for Leadership Values. First, we possess penetrating mind that gets to the essence of the matter. Secondly, we share with Scorpio the attributes of regeneration. Scorpiosis Centre as a social responsibility initiative targets to affect the society in many positive and deliberate ways.

Our Colour

The choice of blue colour variants on white is to reflect the calmness and serenity in our approach to the delivery of value and confidence to the society. The two variants of the colour are to communicate our open mindedness to divergent views on issues. It is our conviction that a society is best served by how often it allows for plurality of ideas.

Our Symbol

Continuity of life as a natural phenomenon requires regeneration mechanism. This assertion is true in both the human and organizational contexts. As an institution committed to continued survival of the society, the logo of the Scorpiosis Centre symbolizes the pollination process through which supply of pollen enriches flowering plants. The logo is also akin to the fertilization process of the mammals. The Scorpiosis Centre logo therefore reflects our promise to nourish the society through youth, educational, and leadership development initiatives we commit to share with the relevant stakeholders in the society.

Our Payoff

“we breed leaders for the common good”

The payoff reflects our belief that a way to restore Africa to the right path is to have functional youth, educational, and leadership development initiatives that can facilitate a new generation of leaders who have total commitment to good of the society

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