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 The policy direction of the Scorpiosis Centre is shaped by the Board of Trustees comprising individuals who have over the years demonstrated the essence of true leadership values in their various callings. Their common passion is in making efforts toward the application of such values to the benefit of the larger society.


The members of the Board of Advisors are appointed by the Trustees on the account of their accomplishments and sterling leadership qualities. They are individuals whose lives represent source of inspiration for young people. Advisors serve as vintage role models based on the honour associated with their lifestyles. The Board of Advisors comprising of professionals of diverse backgrounds provides regular and valuable input into the activities of the management team on how to achieve the vision of the Scorpiosis Centre. The Board size of maximum of twenty people. From the Advisory Board, there are Board Committees on varied issues including Corporate Governance, Finance, Procurement, HR and Establishment, Marketing & Sponsorship, among others.  To enrich the Board Committees, the Advisory Board has the mandate to co-opt registered members of the Centre with the needed competencies to achieve the goals of such Committees. 



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