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“Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.”

– Albert Einstein

A society is as good as its people. It is therefore imperative that to make progress the society has to ensure that its people are headed in the right direction of values. People must have a clear sense of self-worth and a good understanding of their responsibilities to the society. They must also be aware of the symbiotic relationship between the individual interest and the common good of the society. True progress can only happen where people subordinate their interest to that of the common good. Underdeveloped nations are typically stuck with people with primitive mindset of greed and lack of care for others. The situation is often worsened in the absence of institutional framework to curtail these human negative tendencies. Perhaps, no where do we have a concentration of these self-defeating features than in the African continent.

Nigeria is a typical example. A potentially great nation endowed with all imaginable resources, and yet remains one of the most impoverished nations on earth, going by most of the universally accepted developmental indices. It sometimes feels like being at crossroad with concern about where Nigeria is headed. To stem the tide, Nigerians need to show better commitment towards nation-building in the individual area of influence.

It is our belief at Scorpiosis Centre for Leadership Values that Nigeria must fulfill its great promise. But this will not come easy, and it’s not by mere wishes. Both the leadership and the citizenry must take concerted actions. It is in this regard that the Scorpios Centre for Leadership Values emerged into the global landscape with its different intervention initiatives to smoothen the pathway for youth, education, and leadership development in Africa.

This medium is therefore a platform to share with you our aspiration to make a difference in the desire to redefine the Nigerian dream, and ultimately rewrite the African in positive prose. Achieving the vision involves going back to the basics. Everyone in any sphere of leadership influence must lead by example, and also be in a position to inculcate our true values into our young people.

We hope we can count on your support

Olukayode A. Olusunmade, Dr.

CEO & Co-Founder

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