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 The policy direction of the Scorpiosis Centre is shaped by the Board of Trustees comprising individuals who have over the years demonstrated the essence of true leadership values in their various callings. Their common passion is in making efforts toward the application of such values to the benefit of the larger society.


 The members provide the resource pool to drive the Centre. They comprise of volunteers and some of the Alumni of the Crestcom International Bullet Proof Manager Leadership program anchored in Nigeria by COPE Leadership Consulting. Based on their shared values arising from the attendance of the Crestcom Bullet Proof Manager program in Nigeria, the members provide the natural legitimacy for demonstrating the essence of leadership to the participants in our programs. The members are potential sources of funding for the Centre from the individuals perspective. They are also a source for facilitators and mentors for the Centre’s programs. The pool of members is growing, currently standing at hundreds of men and women holding managerial leadership responsibilities at different levels of both the public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy.


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