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Scorpiosis Centre Leadership Pathway Model Approach

The WHY of Leadership:

  • Society needs effective leadership to function
  • Everyone is a potential leader in a different way- Cascaded leadership.
  • Leadership makes visioning possible
  • Leadership motivates team members to realize the vision
  • Leadership facilitates engagement

The WHERE of Leadership

  • Society is typically complex with different segments
  • Every segment requires own kind of leadership
  • Progress in the society requires that leadership must reflect in all its segments
  • Leadership combines aptitude with attitude
  • The need for leadership is everywhere

The WHAT of Leadership

  • The Skills to Learn
    • Visioning, planning and goal-setting
    • Motivating Team members
    • Performance management
    • Service delivery to others
    • Negotiating for Conflict resolution
    • Communication
    • Managing change
    • Coaching and mentoring
    • Stress management, and
    • Ethical conduct
  • The Outcomes Envisaged
    • Be visionary
    • Commitment to common good service
    • Improved communication
    • Action-orientation
    • Openness to change
    • Team player and collaborative
    • Ethical discipline

THE HOW of Leadership

  • Expansive curriculum
  • Experienced faculty
  • Interactive and collaborative learning
  • Spaced out training for effectiveness
  • Ongoing access to leadership learning
  • Action-learning for measurable outcomes
  • Embedded evaluation process for program improvement

The WHO of Leadership

  • Everyone deserves access to leadership learning
  • Focuses on leaders connected to youth and educational development
  • Educational and school leaders, teachers, and other educators
  • Students and other cadres of the youthful population
  • Career inductees
  • Young entrepreneurs

The WHEN of Leadership

  • Exposure to leadership training must as early as possible
  • Learning must be ongoing
  • Subject issues to periodic review

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