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 The policy direction of the Scorpiosis Centre is shaped by the Board of Trustees comprising individuals who have over the years demonstrated the essence of true leadership values in their various callings. Their common passion is in making efforts toward the application of such values to the benefit of the larger society.


 The Facilitators and Mentors are the individuals who truly represent the face of the Centre. The Facilitators interface with the participants in our various leadership programs. They deliver the Centre’s programs and assess the participants, ensuring that our benchmark international standard is sustained. The Mentors provide the necessary follow-up guide over a defined period to the participants on our programs. The approach ensures that attendees can apply appropriately the ideas shared from our training. The mentors therefore complement the classroom role of the facilitators by acting as counselors to the participants soon after their training.  To ensure best practice, we pre-qualify both the facilitators and mentors to ensure that they meet the strict specifications required of leaders. We are conscious to invite as facilitators and mentors individuals with track records of meritorious service and of the highest integrity. We are indeed pleased that that the individuals partnering with us in these respects meet our set high standard of conduct. 

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