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    An arising challenge in the education system is that many young people leave colleges and universities with the mindset to become employees. The thought of becoming entrepreneurs is often forced by unexpected circumstance. The recurring instability in the global economy is creating a pool of both unemployed and unemployable young men and women. There is a compelling need for young people to have the mindset and values to become creators of wealth.

    To be fair, we now have increasing number of small and medium sized businesses championed by young men and women. They however need help on how to properly manage the businesses and provide leadership to their small teams of workers. From the outcome of various surveys, many small businesses, including those by young people are threatened by a lack of the necessary managerial leadership skills.

    The Young Entrepreneurs Arise program has been packaged to provide the necessary skills to support the young drivers of the small and medium enterprises. The program provide the entrepreneurs both the business and leadership skills that can help them turn their business ideas to sustainable institutions across generations. With the realization that the developed economies are driven by multitude of small enterprises that contribute substantially to their gross domestic products and national employment, the expectation is that the YEA program can help to propel developing economies toward the path of growth and development.

    Program Format: Classroom and Group Work

    Duration: Three months

    Course Curriculum

    YEA-L-1 – Ability To Motivate 00:00:00
    YEA-L-2 – Change Management 00:00:00
    YEA-L-3 – Communication 00:00:00
    YEA-L-4 – Customer Service 00:00:00
    YEA-L-5- Coaching/Mentoring 00:00:00
    YEA-L-6- Performance Management 00:00:00
    YEA-L-7- Negotiating 00:00:00
    YEA-L-8- Planning and Goal-Setting 00:00:00
    YEA-L-9- Recruiting/Hiring 00:00:00
    YEA-L-10- Stress Management 00:00:00
    Module 1 Business Planning 00:00:00
    Module 2. Basic Accounting 00:00:00
    Module 3. Financial Management 00:00:00
    Module 4. HR Principles/Practices 00:00:00
    Module 5. Marketing Management 00:00:00
    Module 6. Sales Management 00:00:00
    Module 7. Operations Management 00:00:00
    Module 8. Quality Assurance 00:00:00
    Module 9. Internal Control 00:00:00
    Module 10. ICT 00:00:00

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