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    The Student Prefects Leadership Retreat for Schools has been designed to inculcate the essence of leadership into the secondary school students at the early stage of their lives. Such a knowledge helps to build legitimacy for the emerging leaders in schools. The retreat helps them acquire skills to command respect and win the confidence of their team members.

    The program encompasses the training and coaching aspects. We put the participating school prefects through various skills to assist them successfully undertake the leadership responsibilities in their respective schools. Considering that the school environment itself is a microcosm of the larger society, the lessons learnt through the program could become a springboard to having youngsters with strong potentials for competent leadership at both national and global levels.

    Program Format: Retreat and Residential

    Duration: Three full days (across a weekend)

    Program List of Modules and Activities:

    • Winning Relationships
    • Team Building
    • Personal Communication skill
    • Personal Success Foundation
    • Developing Leadership Habits
    • Leadership Activities
    • Games, and
    • Team sports

    Course Curriculum

    Module 1. Winning Relationships 00:00:00
    Module 2. Team Building 00:00:00
    Module 3. Personal Communication skill 00:00:00
    Module 4. Personal Success Foundation 00:00:00
    Module 5. Developing Leadership Habits 00:00:00
    Module 6. Leadership Activities 00:00:00
    Module 7. Team sports 00:00:00
    Module 8. Games 00:00:00
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    • 3 Days
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